Leipzig restores music house it stole in 1939

Leipzig restores music house it stole in 1939


norman lebrecht

December 31, 2015

Edition Peters will start 2016 in the building its rightful owners erected in the late 19th century.

Why did it take so long for Peters to get it back?

Because it was impossible to dislodge the Nazi who seized the company in 1939 and held on until his death at over 100.

All’s well now. Here’s the happy ending.

The full story can be found in my book, Who Killed Classical Music?

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  • Eddie Mars says:

    I doubt Hinrechson Edition would have avoided compulsory nationalisation in E Germany, though.

    The story of the confiscation of music publishing businesses in Germany had an echo all over Europe. The Russian composer Medtner, who had signed with a prestigious Berlin publisher, suddenly found that all his copyrights belonged to the Third Reich – and as a Soviet citizen, he couldn’t receive payment for his work. (This, of course, didn’t prevent the Reich selling his work and keeping the money). It left Medtner penniless, and he eked out a living in Britain – allegedly sleeping rough, at some points – before he had the good fortune to find a patron. However, his health was wrecked by many years of living without any income, and he did not live long after his patron came forward.