What classical presenters do while the music is playing

What classical presenters do while the music is playing


norman lebrecht

December 31, 2015

Should their station bosses be watching this?

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  • Pak says:

    Cool! At least they seem to enjoy their job. …

  • sheryll mcmanus says:

    Dan Rather told of an episode at his first job as a radio announcer. In the days of LP’s, he put one on that was a sermon by a fire and brimstone preacher. He dashed over to the local coffee shop but talked too long to the girl behind the counter when the phone rang. It was his boss telling him to GET BACK to the station. When he turned on his radio in the car, he heard the preachers saying “Go to Hell……Go to Hell………..Go to Hell………” from the LP’s stuck needle.

  • Garry Margolis says:

    Back in the ’60s, an automated, unattended FM station in Los Angeles had an incident which was similar to the one related by Sheryl McManus. The tape cartridge containing its station identification announcement failed to switch to the next taped musical number and played over and over and over for several hours before the station engineer dropped in to check on things. The interesting thing: no one called to report the problem, probably because no one was listening!

    I was a classical presenter on a competing FM station at the time, but, unlike the people in the video, I couldn’t leave the premises because I had to flip or change LPs. Then management installed automated classical programming and I was fired…

  • Andy says:

    As a student DJ of a classical show in the 80s, I used to head off to the student union bar during longer pieces.