Which singer? ‘His diction is so clear you could teach Russian from it’

From my album of the week on sinfinimusic.com:

The marvel of …’s interpretation is the way he reflects each step back, each emotion, in vocal colour alone, without having to add emphasis by changing volume or syllabic stress. His diction is so clear you could teach Russian from it and his pitch is pin-perfect. I cannot imagine a finer recital of these introspective, lonely contemplations.

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  • That was one of the things I noticed on that concert from Moscow you uploaded recently. Having seen him in concert or recital a number of times, and having many of his recordings, as well as having seen opera performances on TV or heard them from the Met, I am well familiar with the clarity of his expression. This was my greatest concern after his recent health crisis — that his great diction might somehow be blurred, even if the voice remained strong. Far from it.

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