Where’s Kirill?

Where’s Kirill?


norman lebrecht

November 11, 2015

The elusive new chief of the Berlin Phil is in China, apparently.

Rudolph Tang caught sight of him on a sentimental visit to the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra (pictured with its director Nie Bing). Kirill once conducted in Shenzhen as a student.

Berlin won’t see much of him before 2019.

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  • Gerhard says:

    OMG, he is really in China?! Right NOW?? I’m so shocked. This is the ultimate proof that Berlin Phil has made a terrible mistake. Perhaps they could find some good lawyers to help them cancel his contract because of this. It would probably be their only chance for any future as an orchestra!
    Irony off.

  • Emil says:

    I once saw a photo on this blog of Norman Lebrecht in Los Angeles; based on this type of post, I think it is fair to ask: given that Norman Lebrecht has been once in Los Angeles, how out of touch with the London music scene is he? How can he find time to be in London since he’s been abroad at least once in the past three years?

  • Max Grimm says:

    I must congratulate you, Norman. You have proven yet again, beyond any possible doubt, that A) For all their talent and power, the Berlin Phil is unable to manipulate space-time and B) People who enter into a contract, mostly try to honor said contract.
    This is starting to be like “Where’s Wally?”. And it is positively asinine how some here believe that Mr. Petrenko should have already signed a lease for an apartment at the Sony Center, scheduling bi-weekly meetings with the Berlin Phil players, to discuss his future programs.