London hires Budapest’s head of chamber music

András Keller has been named Professor of Violin at the Guildhall School of Music, starting January.

Keller was head of the Chamber Music Department at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, 2012-2015.

andras keller

From the press release:

András Keller commented: ‘I’m extremely pleased to join Guildhall, where I will do my best to build up a great violin class. In the past few years, I’ve met several exceptional young artists from Guildhall, and besides their great technical ability, I find all of them have great musical sense, commitment, interest, and understanding. So I said to myself, this could be “my school”! I can’t wait to pass on to them what I have learned from my great masters, Sándor Végh, György Kurtág and Ferenc Rados.’

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