Valery Gergiev: ‘I have no plans to perform in Turkey’

The Mariinksy and Munich music director was asked at a Tokyo press conference whether he had plans to perform in Turkey. The question was tagged to the shooting down of a Russian military plane by Turkish ground forces.

Gergiev, who is often an apologist for President Putin, said (according to the semi-official Tass news agency): ‘I do not have plans to perform in Turkey. This is a very dangerous region. It is not the job of artists to find a solution in this region, it is the task of politicians.’

Gergiev is touring Japan with the Munich Philharmonic.

putin gergiev

He has not previously hesitated to perform in danger zones, and no Government presently considers Ankara and Istanbul to be areas of danger.


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  • A better answer would have been: “Currently, I have no plans to perform in Turkey, but this has nothing to do with the political situation.”

    But if you choose to make controversial political statements, don’t be surprised if you are judged by them.

  • Quite right too, how Turkey can get away with shooting down a Russian aircraft and at the same time bombing Kurdish fighters in the region, if it was the reverse all hell would break loose, the Turkish leader Erdogan is a man who cannot be trusted and according to his public statements is turning into a megalomaniac. Anyone who has any sense will stay well away from this despotic little empire.

  • No way, Gergiev would have never said anything like that, escpecially not in those words, I can bet. He has no plans to perform in many other countries either.
    I will never forget his concert performance of Pique Dame at Aspendos ampthitheatre with Mariinsky forces.

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