Itzhak Perlman: ‘This is *my* interview’

The great violinist has subjected himself to the Nick Canellakis interrogation.

He survives, kind of.

Might be one of his best interviews. Could be a whole new artform.

itzhak perlman youtube

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  • I’ve watched the guy interview Emanuel Ax, introducing him as “Yo Yo Ma’s accompanist” – which is a bit funnier.

  • I don’t get the point of this stupidity. Can somebody please explain what’s the point of this idiotic and annoying Nick Stupiddakis? If he thought this is funny, than he should consider taking a serious medical help.

  • That was pretty, pretty, pretty good. Cannelakis is quite the Cunning-Linguist. I loved it, couldn’t get enough! I lapped that up like a little pussy cat perched oon the lips of its little milk dish.

  • It was supposed to be funny, with IP playing the role of put-upon Jack Benny when faced with life’s boorish people (represented by the interviewer). Except it was NOT funny, because neither the interviewer nor IP is an inherently funny person.

  • I have enjoyed many of Nick’s past interviews, including his recent one with Emanuel Ax, but in this one I’m afraid he met his match, and it really isn’t very funny. In fact, it is downright unpleasant!

  • I’m afraid I have to echo most of those who commented previously. This was not funny; it fell flat on its face; And why would the world’s greatest violinist waste his time on this interview?? Is the interviewer a friend of a friend??

  • He’s the Larry David of classical music. C’mon guys, it’s all in crazy fun. You just know Itzhak was totally aware of it all. Michael is just the sidekick. Comic relief for sure.

      • Perhaps this one didn’t quite stir the same slapstick humor. But I know these guys, so for me, I kinda got what they were trying to do. They might try something different next time.

  • This represents how much ‘innovation’ there is in the stupid, facile, and all around completely desperate classical music world.

    Cannellakis does the same, THE SAME format as ‘Between two ferns’ by Jack Galiafinakis……

    Its RETARDED that supposedly ‘creative professionals’ simply cannot come with (go figure) NEW and creative ways to reach audiences and basically have to rip off or adapt any type of pop culture that might fit in any way, shape, or form with anything related to the community…..for enjoyment of…..oh! The community.

    Cannellakis is as creative as a monkey: monkey sees, monkey does…..only in this case the monkey is a bit late because ‘Between two ferns’ was cool in 2012……

    So, no norman, it wont be an artform. Its a RIPOFF.

    Forget the innovative programs of Bernstein or Gould in TV….the desperation of an entire community for relevance will make them copy any popular format or song.

    Next in the list: a ripoff of ‘the daily show’ but presenting classical music news with a humour undertone.


  • Sadly, this interviewer is a poor man’s Borat!! Typical of the Americans to copy somebody else’s comedy style!!

    I’ve fallen asleep now….

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