UK ballet chief quits, possibly for run on BBC

UK ballet chief quits, possibly for run on BBC


norman lebrecht

October 07, 2015

English National Ballet has announced that Caroline Thomson will step down next year as executive director after three highly successful years in the job.

Caroline, a former deputy D-G of the BBC should have succeeded Mark Thompson in 2012 at the national broadcaster, but they’d never had a woman D-G and they weren’t about to appoint one. So they staggered on with George Entwistle, Tim Davie and now Tony Hall in an ever-increasing state of vulnerability.

If Hall can’t hold it together (and he’s not doing well), Caroline will be available soon.

Could be the best solution.




  • Oliver says:

    Every single bit of this post is delusional.

  • Tommy says:

    I don’t remember Thomson being deputy DG of the BBC. She was Chief Operating Officer though.
    And the controversy over her huge payoff (and manner of departure) makes a return to the BBC highly unlikely; politicians won’t forget.

  • CDH says:

    God, is it absolutely necessary to make everything about which sex gets what?

  • Jack says:

    She didn’t get the job at ENB because she knew anything about ballet or ballet management .

  • Cynical Observer says:

    How is Lord Hall not holding it together? Given the daily onslaught on the BBC , including Radio 3 here, I think he is bearing up extremely well. When the commercial vultures finally get to pick over the carcass, will those who have spent their time twisting the knife finally accept their complicity in the destruction of an institution that many will miss more than the pale imitations elsewhere.