Whose birthday did we forget?

Yo Yo Ma is 60 today (warm brotherly greetings from Lang Lang).

Vladimir Putin is 63 (warm greetings from V. Gergiev).

Yundi Li is 34 (no tweets from Lang Lang).

yundi birthday

Yundi is presently judging the Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

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  • There are many fine musicians in this world of which Yundi Li is one. However, if Lang Lang were to send birthday greetings to each and every one of them then he wouldn’t have much time to practice.

    • Quite. SD is just making sure it does not go too long without Lang Lang-bashing. It causes grave withdrawal symptoms not to feed the beast, apparently.

  • ==Whose birthday did we forget?

    SD forgot to mention Pierre Boulez on his 90th birthday in March this year, which was very strange !

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