Covent Garden is hiring a Head of Better

There’s a restructuring going on at the Royal Opera House.

Alistair Roberts has left Enterprises division and his empire is being split in two.

The boring bits – secondary income streams such as retail, catering, events – join the Business and Development department.

The people who handle print, online, broadcasting, cinema and suchlike are being herded with communications and marketing into a new group, Audiences and Media. A director is being sought at a handsome salary.

Here’s at tip for the head-hunters:

alan yentob

Are you fre–ee?

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  • Mr Yentob is most adroit at snoozing through PowerPoint presentations and sending Internal Memos about paradigms and outcomes. Who else could they find to hoover-up a six-figure salary in exchange for no demonstrable results? Yentob’s yer man awright.

  • While on the subject of Covent Garden, but nothing to do with this post, I have a question. Are you sure Covent Garden is not using some kind of voice enhancing technology? After Carmen this week and comparing to the sound of La Scala, Salzburg and Vienna, I´m beginning to wonder.Can you shed any light?

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