The man with broken flutes plays tonight for broken people

The flute virtuoso Boujemaa Razgui became an international celebrity two years ago when Slipped Disc reported that New York custom officials at JFK had broken his handmade flutes without warning or right of appeal. The story is one of the biggest we have ever carried and readers still refer to it to this day.

Boujemaa is still making his own flutes.

Tonight he will play them at what appears (amazingly) to be the first benefit concert staged on US soil on behalf of Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

It’s in Boston at 8pm. Details here. Get there if you can. And say hi to Boujemaa from Slipped Disc.



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  • May I add, respectfully, that Boujemaa will be playing non-broken flutes tonight, and that his soulful playing will be totally together and uncracked 🙂

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