Cloud over Hannover: Winner was student of Russian judge

Cloud over Hannover: Winner was student of Russian judge


norman lebrecht

October 11, 2015

It appears that Sergey Dogadin, winner of the richly endowed Joseph Joachim competition, is a student of Boris Kushner, one of the judges. The relationship was not declared on the competition website.

It is made clear in Dogadin’s biography here: In March 2013, Sergei was adopted in solo graduate of the University of Arts in Graz (Austria), Professor – Boris Kushnir.


So did Kushnir vote for his own student to win? And did the other judges know?


  • CDH says:

    If you did and they didn’t they must be awfully slack.

    Otherwise they may just have come in without knowing anything about any of the candidates and just listened, judging accordingly.


  • Mike says:

    2012 winner, Alexandra Conunova Dumortier was a student of Kristof Wegrzyn, the founder of the Joachim competition and president of the jury.

  • Milka says:

    He is a decent player no better no worse than 100’rds of others on the prize circuit .
    A violin prize nowadays means nothing -all sawing away for dear life hoping for
    whatever concert dates winners can get from the adventure .Circus performers most .

  • Pavel says:

    Basically Students of Kuschnir participate in a competition if their teacher is seated on the jury! At least this time our winner is a good musician & a fine violinist (his father is a famous Violist in Russia).
    As you may know in Tchaikovsky competition students of jury members can not participate. but in the recent competition another student of Kuschnir (Pavel Milyukov) got the 3rd prize!!
    He announced “Lidia Baich” is his current teacher which is absolutely absurd! Also in 2012 Khachaturian competition Miluykov got the first prize when Kuschnir was a jury member.
    Kuschnir, Bron, Tretyakov, Martin, Fried & … all are great pedagogues but competitions should do some research before inviting them & their student.

    • Milka says:

      Great teachers !!??? you are joking…there is a boring sameness to all their students most who show technical facility and not much else.This latest winner – who would fork out good money to hear him in recital ?

  • Elena Gekker says:

    He is amazing player. Thank you judges for awarding him first prize.
    Sometimes we have mediocre winners, but not this time.

  • Marina Arshinova says:

    Probably. But this violinist has already 9 or 10 highest prizes. Still he needs to play at competition again, because he has no concerts. One may organize everything except forcing people to buy tickets.

  • Milka says:

    Ever wonder why so few or no concerts ?

  • Wieniawski says:

    Also Norman, Benjamin Marquis Gilmore, a finalist in the competition, had a massive memory slip in the Wieniawski ‘Polonaise Brilliante’ (although his rendition was far from brilliant) which he played in the semi-final round, which required him to start the piece over from the beginning. Here’s the footage

    He was advanced to the final round of the competition after this disastrous performance and took 4th prize. His teacher Julian Rachlin, is a student of Boris Kushnir. What a coincidence.

    • Leo says:

      Thanks, I did not know. The puzzle is now closer to completion. Funny is the word ‘cloud’. Though I understand completely that, say, an expression ‘a pool of horse manure’ is not exactly related to the world of classical music)

    • Mprandi says:

      Bullshit! He never studied with them. Mr Gilmore is a great musician.

      • Leo says:

        Great Mr Gilmore or not great, when one stops on stage at such an event, his/her career stops likewise. Or should have. All in all it was a brilliant competition, completely Bron-like.

  • Alonsobalonso says:

    If you find this disturbing then wait for the upcoming Liszt piano competition Bayreuth/Weimar. Two students of jury president Gerlinde Otto will participate, and the teacher has already widely announced how very able they are. So keep an eye on Kataryna Garanich and Arseni Sadykov.

  • meowzart says:

    What about the second place is the student of Wegrzyn?