All-Black wins Bach organ prize

All-Black wins Bach organ prize


norman lebrecht

October 12, 2015

A New Zealand organist, Thomas Gaynor, took first prize – 12,000 Euros – at the third international Bach/Liszt-organ competition in Erfurt und Weimar.

Second was a German, Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, third an American, Chelsea Barton.

thomas gaynor


  • Malcolm James says:

    Man beats two women. Tsk, tsk, that’ll never do in this day and age. 🙂

    • John says:

      At least not for Lebrecht! It is such a shame that certain people are too focused on sex and race, rather than ability.

      • Little Wotan says:

        I am curious ; where do you see such practice of Norman Lebrecht here on this page ?

        • John says:

          Keep reading the website for long enough and it is obvious. Lebrecht has a strange obsession with sex and race, evident through some of his snide comments. Here is one of the most recent:

          “Caroline, a former deputy D-G of the BBC should have succeeded Mark Thompson in 2012 at the national broadcaster, but they’d never had a woman D-G and they weren’t about to appoint one.”

          Utter nonsense and he knows it. Shame he does not stick to the music, which is why we are all here, after all.

  • M_von_Kolinahr says:

    Thomas is a very good pianist too – while he was still in New Zealand three years ago, for example, I remember he gave a very fine and broad-ranging piano recital in Wellington of Beethoven, Liszt, Richard Strauss and Wagner (transcriptions / piano parts for two of the Wesendonck-Lieder). At that stage, he had already received awards and accolades (and high marks) for both piano and organ, and had performed with both the national orchestra (NZ Symphony Orchestra) and the Wellington Vector Orchestra (now Orchestra Wellington). Good to see he is still doing very well!