Watch: No flies on Alina

Watch: No flies on Alina


norman lebrecht

July 18, 2015

Here’s the latest in Stewart French’s Fly on the Wall videos, featuring Alina Ibragimova with Cédric Tiberghien.


alina ibra sussie


  • Patrick says:

    Relax! Switch to decaf!

    Fine performers, but…

    Even spirited music can have (and needs) a sense of space. If one plays with this pace and rigidity, the only thing accomplished is to acheive a certain number of notes within a certain amount of time.

    ….in my opinion, of course.

  • will says:

    The actual recording quality is awful; the piano sounds ‘just about believeable’ with some sense of space and distance, but the very close microphone does nothing for the violin tone. In real life Alina sounds so much better than this travesty.

  • Alvaro Mendizabal says:

    Apparently the only thing a classical guitarist can make to appear more than once in a blog supposedly dedicated to inform about classical music is: film videos ;).

  • Alistair Hinton says:

    Hard to disagree with the above comments; the recording and the almost ubiquitous sense of urgency does neither the music nor these otherwise marvellous performers many favours, despite the vibrancy of the playing. Cédric has proved himself to be a most sensitive chamber music performer on many occasions and Alina is a superstar of her instrument without all the trappings customarily associated with such superstardom (check her performances of the concertos of Roslavets, Shostakovich and Szymanowski for starters); not yet 30, she plays with all the maturity of someone twice her age…

  • Hannah says:

    Beautiful and lively. I don’t believe this is rushed or simply notes per minute. The energy was joyous and youthful and the tempo seemed to have been inspired by this. As far as the sound quality goes, I’m listening on a computer and I believe the sound quality was adequate for purpose.