South African tenor wins Belvedere (but not its audience)

A South African tenor, Levy Sekgapane, last night won the 34th International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition, which was held in Amsterdam.

But the second-placed Norwegian soprano Lise Davidsen won both the audience and the international media prizes, demonstrating perhaps a wider public appeal.

The jury was chaired by John Mordler, the former Monte Carlo intendant.




First prize (7,000 euros)
Tenor Levy Sekgapane

Second prize (3,500 euros)
Soprano Lise Davidsen

Third prize (2,500 euros)
Tenor Their Ki Park

Audience Prize (2,000 euros)
Soprano Lise Davidsen

Price of the international media jury (1,500 euros)
Soprano Lise Davidsen


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  • So Lise ended up winning as much money as the first prize winner and got good publicity. Not a bad day’s work.

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