Murdered pianist trial: Cellist confesses

In the second week of his trial for the murder of his wife, the pianist Kate de Marcken, the principal cellist of the Beethoven Bonn Orchestra, Sergei Kurochkin, broke his silence for the first time.

Speaking through his lawyer, Kurochkin admitted hitting his wife with a metal bar after she threatened to leave him and take their son away. He then suffocated her with a plastic bag before hiding the body in a cellar. Finally, he buried her in the woods, outside the town. More here (auf Deutsch).

katherine m


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    • Really!? I believe that it goes very far beyond that, back to the basic tenet that says ‘Thou shalt not kill’.

      • Well, if you would consider ‘marriage’ as ‘psychiatric facility’ you are certainly wright. 🙂

  • He killed her in October, but had already dug the hole where he buried her during the summer, according to the article. I have absolutely no sympathy with such a cold-blooded murderer.

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