Just what the BBC Proms need – the Jackson Five

Just what the BBC Proms need – the Jackson Five


norman lebrecht

May 13, 2015

In a further surrender of autonomy to the BBC’s mass-market networks, the Proms announced this morning that the Jackson Five have been booked for Proms in the Park.

The Jacksons said: ‘We’re looking forward to coming to London, to Hyde Park, and when we get there we’re going to be singing all the greats, and we’re going to have a really big party. We always bring great weather over from California!’

Also on the menu: Russell Watson and an X-Factor winner.

Judgement, balance and brand-awareness have gone phut. Classic FM would never lose the plot like this.




  • Bill worley says:


  • Richard says:


  • Michael Endres says:

    I wonder whether they are related to the composer Jackson ?

  • Blane Harford says:

    Umm…you might want to redo the math. You’re missing a Jackson…a rather important one.

    • Mikko says:

      No, the math is correct. They went from “The Jackson 5” to the six-piece “The Jacksons” with the addition of Randy many, many moons ago, and apparently back to five after the loss of Michael.

      • CEThom says:

        Actually, they remained a five-piece when they became the Jacksons. Jermaine had married Berry Gordy’s daughter and disagreed with his father’s decision to hop labels, so he remained at Motown as a solo act and Randy joined the group.

        Jermaine returned for the Jacksons’ last two albums and their final tour, Victory. The brothers touring now are the four surviving members of the Jackson 5, but they call themselves the Jacksons as they perform a lot of the later material from their incarnation as the Jacksons, as well as the Jackson 5 hits.

  • Dennis says:

    How can they even bill themselves as the “Jackson 5” without their most recognizable and accomplished member?

  • John Lancaster says:

    Goodbye to the Proms in the Park I’ve always known and loved. Obviously the BBC execs are slowly veering away from the (for the most part) classical/opera format.

  • Stereo says:

    Sir Henry will be turning in his grave. What is wrong with the BBC these days?

  • Steven de Mena says:

    “The Jacksons” are performing. Not “The Jackson Five”

  • CEThom says:

    Saw the Jacksons at the Hammersmith Apollo two years ago and they were fantastic. A quick Google search just turned up a nice YouTube video of them performing I’ll Be There with a large orchestra in Antwerp a few years ago. Looks like this will be a great gig.

  • mathias broucek says:

    Is this wise given that the License Fee is seemingly up for grabs?