Beethoven’s Waterloo to be restaged (in wrong station)

Just in from the Hanover Band:


The Battle of Waterloo 1815 orchestral project

Six live performances including the first movement of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, and Marches and Fanfares from his ‘Wellington’s Victory’

Central to Caroline Brown’s vision is imparting the expertise of the Band’s current players to young musicians in schools and youth orchestras, introducing them to authentic early music, and enabling them to perform with this country’s leading exponents in this field.

250 young musicians, aged 9 to 18 years, from Hampshire, West Sussex County Youth Orchestras, Chichester University Chamber Orchestra, Brighton Youth Orchestra, Enfield Concert Orchestra, Crown Woods Academy Eltham, will play, in relays, in six performances with the full Hanover Band at St Pancras International.





Er, yes…. but that’s the wrong station. Even ABBA know that.


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  • I guess it might have helped to get an audience for the Hannover Band if they had managed to provide a DATE for this extravaganza..!
    is it by any chance on June 18th ( Battle of Waterloo day)?

  • Well I never thought I would be quoting Margaret Thatcher but honestly “rejoice”.
    Here we have “250 young musicians, aged 9 to 18 years, play, in relays, in six performances with the full Hanover Band at St Pancras International.”
    So what if it is the “wrong” station? Who cares? You should be applauding this great effort not sneering at it.
    I can imagine the work that has gone into making this event happen. It’s young players getting a great experience.
    Why not celebrate this instead ?

  • Well I never thought I would be quoting Margaret Thatcher but ” rejoice”.
    This is a group of young musicians having an absolutely fantastic experience. The work that must have gone into this project will have been considerable and the best you can do is a cheap dig. Honestly celebrate that this is happening in these misbegotten philistine times and do a nice article-they deserve it.

  • I would definitely like to go to Saint Pancras and HEAR IT but, once again, WHAT IS ITS DATE and at WHAT TIME(S)?

  • Who cares what London station it’s in as long as they 1) can fit ito the station, 2) don’t disrupt the station for passengers, and 3) get an audience rather than get grunted at! Given the wonder station St Pancras is with its international traveller and the Champagne bar, and so near King’s Cross where there are long distant passengers who over to St Pancras for the wine bar and the better facilities than even King’s Cross, sounds good to me!

  • Isn’t there a train from St Pancras to Belgium where the reinactments are taking place? Sounds fitting to me to have it at this station where people can travel to Waterloo,Belgium. Eurostar from St Pancras serenaded by 250 musicians – perfect!

  • Even more important is that these young musicians will be exposed, however briefly, to players who can teach them a bit about historically informed performance.

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