Social and personal: Miley Cyrus auditions a violinist

Backstage in New York last night, apparently.

miley cyrus charlie siem

The audition winner was male model Charlie Siem.

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  • tess says:

    Male model Charlie Siem…because, that’s what he is.

  • Herrera says:

    Gotta admit, the man’s got the goods: the looks and the talent. It’s not like, as in many cases, he’s good looking for a violinist, or, he is a good violinist for a model, but he truly is a top model (Hugo Boss) and a top violinist (Sony). God smiles on some people.

    • S. Lewis says:

      You are assuming incorrectly that Sony evaluated him purely on his skills as a violinist. If only the music industry worked in such a manner.

    • tess says:

      Yes, Charlie, you are….. they all love you, you’re a star.

      except in music.

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