New music director in Newcastle: ‘My Dad was a professional footballer’

The pianist Lars Vogt is about to kick off his term as music director of the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

At his first meeting with media and public in Newcastle-Gateshead, he announced that football was his life’s passion, alongside music. His father had played professionally, in the German second division, and Lars once made it into his hometown junior team – ‘I was very proud of that,’ – but gave up when he won a piano competition at 13.

‘I remember playing football and having melodies in my head and thinking everyone was the same,’ he said.

lars vogt

They need him in Newcastle for more reasons than music.

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  • Unfortunately he’s probably right about the football, ‘thinking everyone was the same’, I guess…. ( >﹏_< ? (*+﹏+*)
    Fortunately he was able to 'kick-off' his dad's legacy (ˇ︿ˇ)

  • >