Another piano teacher is arrested in New York

Another piano teacher is arrested in New York


norman lebrecht

April 16, 2015

David Oei, 64, was charged on Monday with forcible touching and endangering the welfare of a child, aged 15.

Oei is an instructor at The New School. A former player with P.D.Q. Bach, he is married to a respected violinist.

Presumptions of innocence apply.



  • Noelle Castro says:

    What is wrong with all these pupils? Can no master demonstrate without touching the HANDS without these ridiculous accusations?

  • Jeremy A says:

    Very sure he is innocent. Excellent man and pianist.

  • Kim Silver says:

    My family has known David Oei and his wife Eriko Sato for over 35 years. In addition to being a great musical talent, David is gentle, thoughtful and generous–for many years he has devoted his free time outside of music to supporting the Special Olympics. So this news comes as a complete shock and I cannot believe he would risk everything–his family and his career–to do something of this nature. He and Eriko have our full support and we hope he will be cleared of this incredibly damaging accusation.

  • joseph says:

    I’ve known him a while and I do not believe any of these allegations that he was charged with…he always conducted himself in a professional manner towards students..especially towards female ones as well.

  • Linda Magee says:

    I agree with these four other commenters. David is a caring and gentle soul, and it’s impossible to believe there’s a shred of truth to this allegation. He may be an enthusiastic teacher but that should not be misconstrued as inappropriate behavior.

  • Chin Kim says:

    Not only I know him well from the early 1980s as we started to play together, I know him well as a person. These things could never have happened, and I am so discouraged about the whole music business, and I think that this teaching business is the utmost dangerous business there is where the teacher has to defend against baseless accusations yet the reputation can be tarnished forever. The presumption of innocence doesn’t help when the accused has to prove that something that didn’t happen didn’t happen. Very very discouraging.