Here’s who you missed at the Oscars

He’s with Oscar-winning composer, Alexandre Desplat.

desplat lang lang


Is there any party he doesn’t crash?

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  • “Is there any party he doesn’t crash?”

    Yes, the Oscars. The picture posted is from the Grammy Awards in January 2014 and Lang Lang was on the other side of the country while the Oscars took place.
    While Lang Lang may be a glitzy social butterfly, even he can’t manage to be in two places at the same time.

  • Looks closely at the background G-R-A-M….AWARDS (that might be the first clue) and the CBS eye—ABC had the exclusive rights to the Oscar coverage. And yes Alexander Desplat id win the Oscar.

  • Alexandre Desplat deserved the Oscar for his splendid music in The Grand Budapest Hotel. However, to thank one’s cats in an acceptance speech takes such idiocies to a new low!

    When will the Academy of whatever ban the thanking of wives, children, mothers, grandmothers, lovers, partners, agents, managers, lawyers and the whole gamut of people no one in the worldwide audience has ever heard of and restrict them instead to just 2 or 3 people who actually helped make the movie. That would cut the overall length of the event – a much needed innovation!

    Anyone taking bets that Lang Lang will be performing at the Oscar ceremony within 2 years! It’s one world event he hasn’t been seen at – yet!

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