Europe’s best airline for instruments is…

Europe’s best airline for instruments is…


norman lebrecht

February 23, 2015

… according to Die Zeit….





The Italian airline specifies: ‘All musical instruments less than 115 cm long and 8 kg in weight can be carried as hand luggage.

Full report here.


  • Max Grimm says:

    You have to wonder what twisted minds come up with these policies, when a viola (or other instruments) is considered unacceptable for the cabin but in the good ole USA, people are allowed to board flights with “emotional support pigs” without any problem whatsoever (…until said emotional support pig starts defecating in the cabin and biting passengers and crew). My viola for one has yet to misbehave on a flight…

  • Erich says:

    They need all the help they can just getting passengers. And if the flight isn’t cancelled, it’s almost always late!

  • Daniela says:

    Easyjet! Not a question! Small instruments: hand luggage. Cellos: Book a seat online as “Mr. Seat Cello”. Nothing else needed: If hand luggage only: just go through security and walk to the departure gate. No need to show yourself at check in and listen to incompetent phone conversations, on the plane they know you know what you are doing and hand you the baby seat belt without patronising comments on how to fit your cello into the seat. Great stuff!