Dies Irae meets Mad Max

Anyone recognise the recording at 1:35?


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  • I think the symphony orchestra leagues should hire a dedicated someone who can maneuver to get classical pieces used in mainstream movies and TV.

    Product placement! It makes hits!

    It works for soft drinks and cars and it has worked for classical music in the past. It’s a way to sneak these pieces past the mental barriers that the regular public has against considering orchestral music as something they would buy or attend.

  • It’s on here so that people like you can enter the same inane comment twice.
    It is on here so that some of us can enjoy something relating to classical music.
    It’s on here to draw you out of your cave
    It’s on here so that you will have something to bitch about. Otherwise you would have nothing to do all day.

  • 1. If Verdi knew that that snippet of music would become the film score music for every battle scene, every destruction sequence, every monster and alien invading earth, he would have demanded way higher royalties. He would have moved to Hollywood to compose for film rather than opera.

    2. What other classical snippet is used more in movies? Not even The Ride of the Valkyries matches Dies Irae.

    3. This is sad if no one can identify the recording, that means, everything recording sounds the same, and that movie producers can just rip off any recording and lay it as a soundtrack without giving proper credit or royalties.

    4. Sorry, I could not hear the recording over the machine gun sound and the other sound effects over the music.

  • Producers will often use snippets of Classical Music on trailers because scoring for the film is not complete. The most commonly used is “O Fortuna” from Orff’s Carmina Burana. This bit of Verdi’s requiem is unlikely to be used in the new Mad Max movie. On rare occasion Classical Music will replace the composers’ score in the final film– ie Howard Hanson’s Symphony No. 2 in Alien. Again, why is everyone so cranky?

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