A grandchild for Maestro Maazel

Our social affairs correspondent is delighted to announce the birth of Indigo Margalit Maazel, daughter of novelist Fiona Maazel, granddaughter of playwright Israela Margalit and the late Lorin Maazel.

It is poignant and rather lovely that a grandchild should be born in the year of mourning for Lorin.

maazel cleveland


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  • Doesn’t “a grandchild for John Smith” imply that the grandfather is alive as well as the newborn? My reaction to the headline was that surely Lorin Maazel was dead! Does anyone refer to the parents of their own father or mother as “my grandparents” unless they were alive during some part of your own lifetime?

  • It’s kind of like the newsgroup rec.music.classical.contemporary which is forever having threads called ‘Happy Birthday Stokowski’ or ‘Happy Birthday Mozart’ when it’s really an anniversary they’re commemorating

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