Stalker pianist is arrested again

Stalker pianist is arrested again


norman lebrecht

November 01, 2014

The pianist Graeme McNaught, a former lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, has been arrested again for questioning that he had resumed harassing his former partner, the author Janice Galloway.

McNaught, 54, was relieved of his position at the Conservatoire after five charges had been proved against him two weeks ago for stalking and ‘acting in a threatening and abusive manner and and placing Miss Galloway in a state of fear and alarm’. 

He was released by the sheriff’s court, but we understand that he continued to attempt to make contact with Ms Galloway. He was refused bail after his arrest on Friday October 24 and remains in custody.

graeme mcnaught


  • David Ward says:

    The pity is he’s a brilliant pianist.

    I have several recordings of his playing varied solo and chamber repertoire, including two substantial pieces of mine (one for solo piano, the other a duo with viola) which he played with an almost reckless lack of inhibition to exhilarating effect.

    I do hope all this gets sorted in the best way for all concerned.

  • Chris Parsons says:

    Sorry but his musical ability has no bearing on his treatment of J.Galloway. Why is it such a ubiquitous trend across the middle class to equate musicianship with leadership? There are too many male egomaniacs who take advantage of the trust granted to them.

    By all means be enchanted my music and creative people but when the wine, cheese and kind words have poisoned the hungry hearts of insecure men do not be surprised when they are laid bare in the cold light of day.

  • Lauren says:

    A long stint in prison is what this creeper deserves. There are lots of great musicians out there, the performing arts will not suffer if this knuckle-dragger is out of the picture.