Watch: Hot tears as dying orchestra goes on chili protest

The Danish National Chamber Orchestra is due to be shut down at the end of next month. They’ve got nothing to lose but their insides… Watch.
danish orchestra-players-jpg

The video is heading for 200,000 hits after just 24 hours.

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  • the quality of playing is fantastic, and if it weren’t so sad what the Danish government is doping to this ensemble, the video would be funny. The faces are priceless.. but the music these people can make is worth a million times more.

  • What is always so amazing is how small the funding is we are always talking about. Compared with any other department in any government, the arts is one of the greatest bargins. For the cost of two or three street lights or a few hundred yards of water pipe, you can run a chamber orchestra for a year.

  • Who needs the arts anyway? It’s just a bunch of musicians, artists, actors, poets, writers, etc. What have they done to change history or make things better for their fellow human being? Believe it or not this is the opinion of a lot of people who are too wrapped up in themselves to enjoy the wonders of a morning sunrise or an evening sunset. What a shame. Pete Seeger said it best: “When will they ever learn? When will they ever learn”?

  • What’s the point of this video? The orchestra is going to be shut down quite brutally, and all their members are doing is infantile jokes with chili pepper? Is this real? Wouldn’t they be better off force feeding chili pepper to the members of the Danish Parliament instead? I don’t get it, apparently they are happy to go down, shameful…

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