Possibly the most important Mahler recording you’ve never heard

Possibly the most important Mahler recording you’ve never heard


norman lebrecht

October 06, 2014

It has floated at the edge of musical consciousness for decades in pirate releases of terrible quality.

It’s the only performance of a Mahler work ever given by the ultimate conductor, Carlos Kleiber, who spent a year thinking about it and a night deciding to eliminate the composer from his repertoire.

Now, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra have released a clean master-tape of the concert.

Must be heard to be believed.

It’s my five-star Album of the Week on sinfinimusic.com. Read here.

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  • Ljubisa says:

    thanks Norm for a wonderful words, comments and precise mind! Kleiber…unique!

  • Michael Endres says:

    Cannot wait to hear that , thank you for the recommendation !!

  • joel stein says:

    I am excited to hear a cleaned up version of this-but what Mahler/Kleiber hasn’t heard it?-it has been available for years! It has even been available on you tube.

  • ML says:

    It has been intermittently available in the CD era for about 25 years. Its first appearance on CD that I am aware of is on Nuova Era, which was released in 1988. Can’t wait to hear the official release!