Look – an airline that loves string players

This just in from the young Viennese violinist, Daniel Auner:

Yesterday I was flying from Amsterdam to Sao Paulo with my violin. The KLM crew were very nice and took special care of my very old half Viennese- half Italian Violin from 1709. Afterwards they wanted to make a picture with it and hear me play.
daniel auner klm

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    • Hè was Flying Tourist . I work for KLM. On board , we always try to offer maximum care And attention for fragile hand luggages. All music instruments that fits in luggage bins are welcome in the cabin as a hand luggage.
      Fly KLM and feel the differance.

  • Skyteam is the way to go, I always say. Delta has a transparent policy, allowing guitars and smaller instruments in the cabin.

  • I was commuting between Vienna and Japan for many years with KLM without any problems ever with my violin.
    However, this kind of “self-advertising” even with video, I find not quite necessary and appropriate…

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