Finnish orchestra trounce Canadians at soccer

The Toronto Symphony have returned from their first European tour in 14 years.

It was going rather well, until the Helsinki Phil challenged the Canadians to a game of soccer.

Neither side mentions the result on the ever-so-friendly video below.

Between you and us, it was 5-0. (They should have stuck to ice-hockey).
toronto vs helsinki

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  • Just a quick correction, having watched the video: The Canadians say that they played against a team from the Orchestra of Finnish National Opera, not the Helsinki Philharmonic. As we all know, the Finns can celebrate having so many great orchestras, including some who can play football better than the Canadians!

  • It was the Finnish National Opera Orchestra playing. Also, since you mentioned ice hockey, the last time the TSO was in Helsinki in the 1980s, they actually did play hockey! And the score was, I believe, 7-2 for the Finns. 4 or 5 of the current soccers players of both teams had also played in that hockey game!

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