Fabio Luisi won’t renew at the Met

Fabio Luisi won’t renew at the Met


norman lebrecht

September 04, 2014

He told the Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende that he will end his New York contract in 2017 when he takes over full time with the Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Luisi is also music director at Zurich Opera.

His arrival in New York saved the Met’s Ring after James Levine was taken sick, but Levine’s return sidelined Luisi and Peter Gelb did little to ease a delicate situation.

Danish text follows.

luisi new york

Kommende chef i DR stopper på The Met Berlingske | 04.09.2014 | Side 25 <l>
Fabio Luisi forlænger ikke sin kontrakt som dirigent på Manhattans verdenskendte opera. Han meddelte sin beslutning i et interview til Berlingske tirsdag eftermiddag.
Den italienske dirigent blev i mandags udnævnt til chefdirigent for DRs symfoniorkester – som efterfølger for den nyligt afdøde Rafael Frühbeck de Burgos.
Luisi har haft to andre lederjob de seneste år: Dels som chef for operaen i Zürich, dels som førstedirigent på den verdenskendte Metropolitan Opera i New York. Men når han tiltræder den danske post i 2017, vil han afslutte sin kontrakt med operahuset på Manhattan. Verdensnavnet har formentlig ikke fået så mange opgaver i New York som ønsket. Læs hele interviewet i Berlingske på lørdag. schauser.

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  • Musicandmore says:

    Luisi saved the Met Ring cycle? NOBODY could save that Ring cycle. It was D.O.A.

  • bluepumpkin says:

    I am not sure from your coverage whether we’re actually meant to feel some sympathy for Luisi’s predicament, but didn’t he leave Covent Garden in the lurch in March 2011 to go to the Met?

    • Edgar Brenninkmeyer says:

      Luisi was left in the lurch in Dresden, and before that, Haitink was left in the lurch in Dresden, too – having not been informed Luisi would succeed him. Quite a merry-go-round of conductors…:-)

    • Lucy says:

      Luisi left many in the lurch, including the Rome Opera, which threatened to sue. When you burn so many bridges just to get on the Met’s bridge to Valhalla (that is, Levine’s job), you’d better make sure that the bridge to Valhalla isn’t going to fall out from under you like a big malfunctioning set piece. Well, it did. Gelb dangled Levine’s job in front of Luisi like a golden ring just to save his beloved project, but once Levine got better, Gelb threw Luisi under that bridge faster than Luisi could say yo ho ho. Now Luisi is telling Gelb to go ho ho.

  • Milka says:

    One suspects Luisi is grateful to get
    any respectful orchestra to conduct
    considering his more than modest talent .At best he bores,certainly doesn’t speak well for the Danish Radio
    Symphonyin selection .

  • Dashman says:

    I can see why some artists might be leery of committing to multi-year contracts at the Met – given recent union demands for curtailment of new productions, no long operas, reductions in rehearsal time, etc. They can see which way the wind is blowing. Compare this atmosphere with the extremely innovative atmosphere at Zurich.

    Also, by 2017, Luisi will have been performing at the Met for twelve years. Maybe he’s just the kind of guy who is not overly enthusiastic about immersing himself in the same milieu for 40+ years (unlike you know who).