Zakhar Bron starts violin competition

Zakhar Bron starts violin competition


norman lebrecht

August 19, 2014

The celebrated teacher has launched a contest in the name of his teacher, Boris Goldstein. It will take place in Bern, next January. Details here.

boris goldstein


  • Jim says:

    Ahh! Another opportunity (cash cow) for Bron, to judge his own students like he does at all other competitions, when his students take part (and win).

  • music muse says:

    Just what the world needs – another competition…

  • Milka says:

    He does strike one as a dreadful creature of self promotion .

  • M2N2K says:

    A teacher who was able to give to the world, during his barely a dozen or so years in Novosibirsk, two world-class violinists, such as Vadim Repin and Maxim Vengerov, does not need any additional promotion – whether “self” or otherwise. If you know of other violinists of that caliber coming out of Novosibirsk at any time from any other teacher ever, before or after Zachar Bron was living there, please let us know.

  • Alexander Brown says:

    (sigh……) Ah yes, yet another competition in which members of the jury enter their own protégés – I speak as a retired singer who does not sit on juries, but whose own pupils bravely but naively imagine when they enter competitions (which I advise them not to) that they have a realistic chance of winning… Why does the great art of music have to be infected with such filth and corruption (let’s not forget opera house auditions, agency auditions, ….)?