Glyndebourne’s second heroine is singing on to the end of the run

The first was the Irish mezzo Tara Erraught who sang on as Octavian in Der Rosenkavalier after an unprecedented volley of sizeist, sexist abuse from male, middle-aged London critics.

The second, Christiane Karg, dislocated her knee in a stage fall on Sunday while singing the role of Sandrina in Mozart’s La finta giardiniera. In acute pain, Christiane refused medication and sang the second half of the show in a chair after a doctor in the house put the knee back in place.

christiane karg

Later, there was some doubt as to whether she could continue the run.

Glyndebourne have told us today that nothing is going to stop Christiane from singing it out.

When Slipped Disc hands out its end-of-2014 medals, reminds us to mint one for the slipped kneecap.


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  • Saw and heard Tara at the Rosenkavalier Prom. She was fantastic. Her facial expressions as Ochs tried to seduce her as Mariandel were worth the ticket price alone! She is worth a thousand of any of those sad guys, and I am glad to say I think she knows it.

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