Get streaming on Slipped Disc…….

Get streaming on Slipped Disc…….


norman lebrecht

August 06, 2014

Dozens of opera houses and orchestras all over the world are free-streaming their performances, most with very little uptake.

Who would have known that Malmo was running a free Rosenkavalier, had it not been announced on this site?

How else would you get to hear of the world’s finest at Grafenegg this weekend, except by checking Slipped Disc?

For the month of August, we are running a special-offer advertising promotion for live-stream performances.

Space is limited. Please contact Matt Newton ( for special August rates.




  • Hugh Jorgan says:

    Is anything known about the sound quality? CD quality would be around 1400 KBit/s (FLAC or AIFF file format) compared to the grossly inferior 192 or 256 KBit/s in most mp3 download portals like Amazon or iTunes. Youtube is by far the worst where most of the sound is 96 KBit/s – meaning that more than 90% of the information is lost compared to CD.