Kansas farmer blows trombone at his poor cows

Derek Klingenberg of Peabody, Kansas, amuses his herds with trombone practice. That’s two herds – the 2.8 million people who have watched this video in the past two days of their own free will, and the poor cows who have no choice.

Shame their response is (largely) unrecorded.


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    • Interestingly, when I was rerouted to the YouTube site, having clicked the title link, RVW’s third symphony was listed in the suggested videos column (along with Elgar’s Romance for Bassoon & Orchestra, Pierre Fournier playing three Bach chorales and an extensive listing of standard YouTube rubbish).

  • For what it’s worth, Norman, the cows are obviously enjoying the show. Note them running toward the music, unlike many of our contemporary audiences….

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