Netrebko to remarry?

Russian media are carrying reportsthis week that Anna Netrebko is planning to marry the Azeri tenor, Yusif Eivazov.

Her partner has been posting pictures of himself with Anna and her son, Tiago.

eyvazov netrebko


Vladislav Monastyrsky, who represents Netrebko in Russia, said: ‘The romance of the two stars is not a secret anymore, even though the couple didn’t announce their engagement. Anna asks for her private life to be respected. We hope that the beautiful romance will end with a wedding.’

A German tabloid has reported she may be pregnant.

Friends of the singer are discounting both sets of suggestions.

eyvazov netrebko2

pictures: Eivazov Fb page

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  • Honestly, Norman. All this tittle-tattle….

    Your column’s getting more like the ‘Sun’ every day (a newspaper I’ve never read, I hasten to emphasise!)

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