Just in: Gergiev tops Russian rich list

Just in: Gergiev tops Russian rich list


norman lebrecht

June 19, 2014

A list published by the Russian Ministry of Culture places the Mariinsky director at the top of Russian earners in cultural activities, based on tax returns and other registered data.

Gergiev is reported to have made 164 million rubles last year and to own six apartments and properties within the Russian state. He also owns 15% of Evrodon – Russia’s largest producer of turkey meat. His reported earnings in Russia equate to US $4.8 million.

Second wealthiest is the violinist Vladimir Spivakov, conductor of the National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Moscow Virtuosi. He earned 58 million and his wife Sati, a television actress, 2.8 million. They own four properties, two of them in France and Spain. Both Gergiev and Spivakov are conspicuously close to the seat of power.

Julia Shahnovsky. head of the Science Museum, made 43.3 million rubles.

In fourth place is the actor Oleg Tabakhov, artistic director of Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre. He made 42.6 million and his wife, actor Marina Zudina – seven million. They own five apartments and 30 acres of land.

Film actor Yevgeny Mironov, who also heads the National Theatre of Nations, came fifth with annual income of 27.6 million rubles.

No other musicians were in the top names published by the news outlet RBK.

Russian President Putin presents a Hero of Labour award to Mariinsky theatre director Gergiev during an awards ceremony in St. Petersburg



  • Alex says:

    I wonder who has better conditions – his musicians or his turkeys!

  • Music lover says:

    So he is succeddful at producing turkeys and making money. Just confirms what was already obvious.

  • Michael Endres says:

    I wonder which chicken farms are owned by top Western conductors …but that information isn’t somehow published…but it’s not necessary anyway, as these chickens will be raised in a free society….

  • Mikko says:

    E-P Salonen tweeted this picture of himself taking care of his poultry business:


  • Stephen says:

    I don’t know why some consider “making money” a sin – there’s no denying it comes in useful.