So if the Callas movie ever happens, who do you want to play Maria?

Warner Classics are cock-a-hoop, announcing that a Maria Callas biopic is heading into production, to be directed later this year by the New Zealander, Niki Caro. An awful lot can go wrong between now and then.

Casting is, as they say, not yet complete.

Put in your bids now.

Slippedisc is punting for Penelope Cruz.

Any better offers?


penelope-cruz-mango-04maria callas opera highlights

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    • In Hollywood an accent is an accent. No disability there. And her husband could make a persuasive Ari…

      The Gheorghiu suggestion below is interesting to ponder, though.

      How DO you solve a problem like Maria?

  • It’s wishful thinking, but it would be nice for hollywood to cast a real opera singer for this. I vote for Joyce El-Khoury or maybe Irini Kyriakidou.

  • Given her last CD, I imagine Angela Gheorghiu will be pushing to get the role…

    As for the singing, Doug brings up a good point; will they have someone sing in place of Callas? It would be hard to make that credible…

  • Think my previous comment got eaten. 🙂

    I think Harteros is a great idea. Also Gheorghiu. Maybe Ailyn Perez or Isabel Leonard.

    Most of all – someone who can sing. It would be an amazing thing for there to be “live” singing.

  • Please, not Gheorghiu. She is so far from being, or even understanding, the artist that Callas was. It would not be possible for her to play the part.

  • I would also suggest Barbra Davis, although she can be very demanding, even difficult to work with. But she is a perfectionist!

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