Finnish MEP candidate calls for violence against anti-Putin opera singer

Finnish MEP candidate calls for violence against anti-Putin opera singer


norman lebrecht

May 22, 2014

The refusal by soprano Karita Mattila to sing with conductor Valery Gergiev for supporting the annexation of Crimea has drawn an appalling response from an MEP candidate of the anti-EU Independence Party, a man by the name of Jon Hellevig.

In a post on Mattila’s Facebook page on Sunday, Hellevig wrote that the singer misunderstood the policies of Vladimir Putin, was a Nazi at heart and deserved to be raped. There was an outcry in Finnish media.

The post was taken down after legal pressure. Mr Hellevig was subsequently expelled from the party.

karita mattila


  • m2n2k says:

    It is nothing short of mind-boggling that an educated man in 2014 can say things as appalling as that. This guy must have been spending too much time with his Russian business partners lately.

    • Max Grimm says:

      It has been my experience that it is not uneducated cretins who say or do the most outrageous and appalling things but in fact the intelligent and educated men and women of this world.

      • m2n2k says:

        My experience has been different, but I must admit that possibly I have not been around uneducated people long and/or often enough to make sweeping generalizations about them.

  • John Daszak says:

    Well…this man said that Karita misunderstood Putin’s policies! She’s just one of millions who can’t understand him!!! Brava Karita…