Beethoven is inked into German coalition agreement

How’s this for cultural priorities? Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted that Beethoven’s 250th anniversary in 2020 is written into the new coalition agreement with the SPD as a national spending priority.

Page 132 of the coalition agreement contains the following statement: “The 250th birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven in the year 2020 offers excellent opportunities for profiling German culture at home and abroad. Preparing for this important anniversary is thus of national concern.”

merkel popeLudwig-van-Beethoven-006

Does President Obama, we wonder, have plans for Bernstein 2018?

Or Phyllis Tine Cameron for Vaughan Williams 2022?

Yeah, right.

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  • In 2006 when I was in Salzburg as a ringer in an amateur choir I took the figures the Mayor of Salzburg mentioned about tourism income to the city and reckoned that if the average tourist spend no more than $500 there, which seemed a conservative figure for 2-3 nights plus meals, then there is generated a per capita figure of $27,000 per Salzburger per year.

    Alaskans think they’ve got a sweet deal getting $3000 a year from the state, the way they are being bought by the oil companies. The Salzburgers have a much better situation, and the influence of their “industry” is self-propagating and doesn’t contribute to global warming.

    I think Ives would be a better place for America to start with than Bernstein, who was a de facto Soviet Commissar in America.

  • Silly comment about Bernstein from someone so insecure he has to use his academic qualifications in a blog. In any case the Bernstein plans are well underway without the government either knowing nor caring.

  • “Bernstein, who was a de facto Soviet Commissar in America.”

    What on GOD’S EARTH are you talking about?

  • He’s probably mixing Bernstein up with Copland, you know that agnostic homosexual commie who wrote that Fanfare thingy that all the Republicans like to use at their events. /eyeroll /sarcasm

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