Philosopher of music education has died

Philosopher of music education has died


norman lebrecht

November 21, 2013

Bennett Reimer, professor of Northwestern University and one of the foremost propagators of the public need for music education, has died, aged 81.

He was among the authors of the first National Standards for Music Education in 1994. His book, A Philosophy of Music Education, published in 1970, was translated into French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Greek.

bennett reimer


  • ed says:

    Norman, Thanks for posting this with this link to the obituary. There is an excellent article online discussing Bennett Reimer’s philosophy of music education titled, “Why Music Matters: The Cognitive Personalism of Reimer and Elliott” by James F. Daugherty, originally published in the Australian Journal of Music Education,1996, No.1: 29-37 (Elliott was Reimer’s student).

    (The URL is: )