Leila is selling her Salonen violin

The violinist Leila Josefowicz is putting up for sale the Bergonzi instrument on which she premiered a concerto by Esa-Pekka Salonen. No reason given. The fiddle is in the six-digit bracket.

You can see Leila playing it here:

 leila joseforwicz, bergonzi






Ingles & Hayday are delighted to announce they will be selling a violin by Michele Angelo 

Bergonzi which has been the concert instrument of leading soloist Leila Josefowicz for the

last 12 years, in their auction on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 in London. It is estimated

to fetch £100,000-150,000.

Since her debut in 1994, Leila Josefowicz has appeared with many of the world’s most

prestigious orchestras and eminent conductors. Well known for playing contemporary

music and working closely with composers, Leila Josefowicz has been awarded a

MacArthur Foundation Fellowship in recognition of her passionate advocacy and genuine

commitment to the music of today.

The link below shows Leila playing the Bergonzi at the premiere of a new concerto which

was written for her by the conductor and composer Esa-Pekka Salonen.

Michele Angelo Bergonzi worked in Cremona, the home of the Stradivari and Guarneri 

families, and was the leading Cremonese maker of his day. His father, Carlo, worked in the

Stradivari workshop towards the end of Stradivari’s life, so it is highly likely that Michele

Angelo, who was 16 when Stradivari died, would have known his illustrious predecessor.

The sale will also include violins by Michele Angelo’s father, Carlo Bergonzi, and Francesco

Rugeri, a viola by Lorenzo Storioni, and a cello by David Tecchler.

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  • October 29th is just two days after she performs the concerto (with the LA Phil, under EPS, last of three performances). I guess she’ll get one last crack at it.

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