Just in: Fraudster’s agency loses shining star

Just in: Fraudster’s agency loses shining star


norman lebrecht

October 14, 2013

Nicola Benedetti has walked out on ever-troubled IMG Artists, joining start-up boutique agency, Emblem.

Her new agency is run by Elaine Armstrong, one of many agents who have fled to the hills from the constant rumblings at IMG. The Scottish violinist. a major international star, appears to be her first signing. Watch out for more.

nicola benedetti



  • Hasbeen says:

    Norman, Continually referring to IMG as ‘Fraudster’s Agency’ seems a bit unfair to the many hard working people working there. In any case Barrett Wissman is only a part owner as he sold about 50% to a Russian who is doing a wonderful job ruining IMG Artists. While not excusing Wissman who paid a fine and did not go to jail for his share in the NY Pension scandal I would point out that Alberto Vilar, who you seem sympathetic to, was convicted of fraud, did go to jail and is only out on parole, not a free man and has not had his sentence reduced.

    • Vilar did not mishandle public funds or do a plea-bargain while betraying his partners in crime. You’re right about the agency, though. In future I’ll refer to it as 50% Fraudster’s Agency.

  • Hasbeen says:

    So, you are saying Vilar’s mishandling of clients funds, including police pension funds, is somehow less criminal…

    More importantly, why potentially demonise by guilty by association the employees of IMG Artists ?

    • Vilar’s early release was founded on strong grounds for appeal. I await the verdict of a higher court. From what I’ve seen of the papers, he was more sinned against than sinning. As for IMG employees, they choose who they work for. They know the score.

  • Tempered Woman says:

    This woman is not a violinist. Just a celebrity with pumped lips seeking for media attention. I don’t think that it is necessary to have pumped lips to play the violin. (Is there no more chance for ugly men but excellent musicians to achieve fame in classical music?) Shining star… more like a falling star for me. Nobody will remember her in a few years. So in my opinion maybe she is a good investment for a new agency for financial reasons but otherwise she is just a symptom of the illness of the classical music which fell into the slavery of the music industry and the marketing approach.

  • Point of info: Nicola Benedetti is still repped by IMG Artists in North and South America. Ms. Armstrong has taken over Ms. Beneditti’s general management.

  • Pizzbizz says:

    This is exciting news! Classical music has its cycles. It looks like the rotation of an intriguing one already generating lots of energy and debate. Surely a good thing for classical music!?

    I for one will be keeping my eye on the next steps of this beautiful musician and where a fresh new management, with such interesting credentials will take her. She is the full package, highly necessary in this sometimes stale industry.

    Let the music speak for itself …


  • Derek Castle says:

    Oh dear! Get the hankies out.