Hot: Russian site runs Detroit concert livecast with Ford cash

Hot: Russian site runs Detroit concert livecast with Ford cash


norman lebrecht

February 09, 2012

Messianic times? Lions lying down with lambs?

A Moscow firm is partnering the Ford Motor Company to the bring the Detroit Symphony Orchestra tonight to the world. Here‘s the full McCoy (or Makosky)


  • The Detroit Symphony Orchestra has always been a respected and world class orchestra, with world class conductors. One dream I had when I created and performed the very first livecast concert in 1997 (I called it a cyberecital way back then) was to have concerts online in both audio and video format. It will be a very personal honor and pleasure to be part of the Detroit season, as our performance on April 21 will be livecast as well, featuring Beethoven’s ‘Choral Fantasy’ and William Bolcom’s choral fantasy, “Prometheus”. Hope the world tuning online will enjoy these livecasts from Detroit.

  • Norman –

    Thank you for posting about our webcast tomorrow, but I’d like to offer a clarification for your readers.

    Ford is the presenting sponsor of Live from Orchestra Hall, the DSO’s free webcast series, the current season having launched in October and continuing through to June: (And that includes Jeffrey Biegel’s appearance with the DSO on April 21; Jeffrey, hopefully you can join us as an interview guest at intermission!)

    Tomorrow we are excited to partner with Paraclassics, the Russia-based classical music platform, for the first time to simultaneously deliver this webcast to their large network of viewers. The partnership came about because our soloist this week, Julian Rachlin, collaborates with Paraclassics to webcast his annual Julian Rachlin & Friends Festival.

    So there is not a direct partnership between Ford and Paraclassics, just an indirect one in that they are both working with the DSO to make our webcasts available to different audiences.

    I apologize for any confusion and I hope to see everyone at tomorrow at 10:35 am ET / 3:35 pm GMT.



    Scott Harrison
    Executive Producer, Digital Media
    Detroit Symphony Orchestra