Orchestra for a New Century? Could be….

The last time I met up with the New York Mahler Society, one of its leading lights, Gary Schneider, told me about an orchestra he was setting up.

Gary’s idea was to assemble a group of young professional musicians who are basically, too enterprising to want to spend all of their lives in an orchestra. They spend much of their time as soloists, and can step up to the front whenever required.

Gary conducts his Orchestra for a New Century at its debut in Madison, New Jersey on April 4, with Francesca Anderegg in a new violin concerto by Daniel Schnyder, in between Copland’s Appalachian Spring and Beethoven’s 7th symphony. Details here.

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  • Sounds good, but that’s basically how all newly set up (chamber) orchestras work, especially when they can’t rely on stable funding yet. It’s also what permanent orchestras may well come to – and are already coming to – with government cuts spreading out over the arts world. Not so much a question of originality as of necessity, I would say.

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