New research: music training delays brain decay

A study at Northwestern University indicates that older people with a music background suffer less from age-related neural damage. The study was specifically aimed at hearing loss, but may apply to other faculties. Read on here.

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  • 87 people involved? Umm…While I’ve no personal doubt that a training in music is beneficial, I think further testing, on larger numbers, is called for!

  • “They support the idea that the brain can be trained to overcome, in part, some age-related hearing loss.”
    As a former pro musicain, in my experience, it can be true.
    I played the flute/picolofor 10 years in a pro orchestra, and at 55 years, in my family ( 3 are less than 20 years)I have or the best ability to identify noises or the best audition capability. In addition, I have a permanet noise in my ears (terramicina collateral damage) and in audiometric exams I was always capable of identifying the beatings of the frequency that matched my ear noise. As a result the exams result ok from the clinical point of view.

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