Just in: celebrated mezzo dies

Rita Gorr, perhaps the best loved Belgian opera voice, has died in Spain, aged 85.

She was a successful Carmen, Charlotte, Dalila, Eboli and more in Strasbourg and Paris in the 1950s before her career went international. She made her last stage appearance, resiliently, in 2007.

More here (in Flemish).

Rita Gorr als de gravin in Pikovaja Dama in de Vlaamse Opera

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  • A succesful Carmen? she only sang the role twice and never attempted it again and the language spoken in Flanders (she was born not far from Ghent) is Dutch. yes, sort of the same language spoken in The Netherlands etc.
    Best loved post- WWII female ‘Belgian ‘ voice and I wouldn’t forget Suzanne Danco either.
    Our best loved voices were Blanche Arrall, Fanny Heldy, Clara Clairbert and Viva Bovy pre-war.

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