Denmark disaster: the press release

Denmark disaster: the press release


norman lebrecht

January 23, 2012

Here’s a press release, just in, on the general evacuation of Danish Opera.


Press release


Director of the Royal Danish Opera Keith Warner to leave the Royal Danish Theatre


Keith Warner has at a staff meeting at the Opera House this evening announced that he has been granted a release from his contract, which was to expire on 31 July 2014.

As a consequence Jakub Hr?ša, who has since October 2011 been acting artistic consultant for Keith Warner, has announced that he no longer wishes to assume the position as music director at the Royal Danish Theatre as of the summer of 2013.


Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Opera, Keith Warner, states:

“It is with immense sadness that I feel I must resign my post at the Royal Danish Opera. A combination of factors, made acute by the recent devastating budget cuts, has led me to feel that in the present circumstances, I am unable to realise my great dreams for the company. We part good friends. The talent of the performing company is beyond compare and the dedication of the entire staff is without reproach. I’m sure we will continue to build pathways towards each other in the future.”


Director of the Royal Danish Theatre Erik Jacobsen regrets Keith Warner’s decision and states:

“I sincerely regret that Keith Warner no longer wishes to stay in Copenhagen. I will now in joint collaboration with the rest of the theatre’s management and board of directors ensure that the transitional period until a new artistic director has been found will be as smooth as possible. The repertoire at the Royal Danish Opera has already been planned for the next couple of years. So we will allocate the necessary time it will take to find a new artistic director who is to ensure a high artistic standard.”


Until a new artistic director has been appointed, Director of the Ensemble of the Royal Danish Opera Sven Müller will assume responsibility for the artistic management of the Opera House.



Press contact:

Director of Communications, Eva Hein / +45 33 69 69 80 / Mobile +45 25 51 79 80



Kind regards,


The Press Department

The Royal Danish Theatre



  • EJW says:

    I hope Hrusa finds another ensemble to showcase his talents; he conducted our orchestra here in Seattle a few months back and was easily one of the best guests we’ve had travel through in some time. Sorry to see things not shake out for him in Copenhagen.

  • J Bloggs says:

    Dear Mr Lebrecht

    I am under the impression that Mr Hrůša had not actually resigned when this press release was issued. Is it possible to verify?