Brit guitarist gets Frankfurt Music Prize

Brit guitarist gets Frankfurt Music Prize


norman lebrecht

January 24, 2012

He’s 70 this month, so it’s well timed, and John McLaughlin is probably better known now in Germany and France than in his native Britain – not least, his native Yorkshire. Some call him the most influential guitarist alive. Whatever his rank, the award is richly well deserved.

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John McLaughlin. Foto: Frankfurter Musikpreis


  • Tommy says:

    Norman, I am now imagining you grooving round your house listening to the Mahavishnu Orchestra circa 1973 (Birds of Fire, probably) at full volume.

  • C.J. Sperling says:

    In comparison to of one the allegedly most important prizes of the Jazz world, “Guitarist of the Year” at Down Beat Reader’s Poll (which John McLaughlin was awarded in 1972, 1973, 1974, 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995), I’d say: the Frankfurter Musikpreis gets John McLaughlin.

    Nevertheless (and be it only for the money, or the fact that a trade fair jury chooses quality over topical sales): congratulations Mr. McLaughlin!