Breaking: Hong Kong goes Dutch again in choosing music director

The Hong Kong Philharmonic has announced its choice of music director to succeed Edo de Waart.

It’s Jaap van Zweeden, the Dallas chief, who gave a pair of trial concerts in November. You can watch the press conference here.

UPDATE: At the press conference, he announced a competition for young indigenous composers to write wiorks for the HK Phil & said he would commit personally to promoting new Chinese music.

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  • In these times of financial hardships for most orchestras I would like to see some critical reporting on Mr. van Zweden’s financial arrangements. I have it from a most trustworthy source that Mr. van Zweden’s contract includes a fee of US$ 100.000 per conducted week, an MD fee of another US$ 150.000, first class transportation not only for himself but for his family as well, and a very generous housing allowance. You have reported on the financial troubles of the Dallas Symphony. With an MD demanding such exorbitant amounts of money it is no wonder that they are in trouble. They would not be the first orchestra he would leave behind on the brink of bankruptcy.

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